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Fountain Valley

New construction at the price of the average home value is available in the fastest growing (but still somewhat rural) stretch of the Pikes Peak Region. Southern Colorado Springs has grown considerably since the 1970’s and presently, the most housing starts in the metro area can be found in Fountain Valley. Stretching out to the east of Fort Carson and south of the city of Colorado Springs are Widefield, Security and Fountain, three small suburban towns that all populate a single MLS that typically has the highest number of real estate closings year after year.

The dominant feature in Fountain Valley is the presence to the west of Fort Carson. One of the United States Army’s largest installations, “The Mountain Post” looks to Fountain Valley for housing, schooling and services. One of the great wild places in the Pikes Peak Region, Fountain Creek Nature Center can be found here as well, where children and the young at heart can experience a high plains water course with frogs, turtles, mammals and numerous majestic blue herons. Another local treasure, Venetucci Farms can be found along the banks of Fountain Creek. This keystone member of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation is a real working farm, and the region’s great pumpkin patch each fall.

There are two school districts that service this area: 80911 zip code falls into the towns of Security and Widefield and are serviced by Widefield Schools, School District 3. Further south, Fountain/Fort Carson services the Fountain population. There are major retail areas around Mesa Ridge and along Highway 85.

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  • Barnstormer’s Landing