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No other area better showcases how elastic housing is in Colorado Springs like the Northeast (N/E) MLS area.Briargate is actually due north and Powers is due east, so the name “Northeast” is a bit misleading. It’s better understood as the “northeast” corner of Colorado Springs School District 11.

Sandwiched between Woodmen Road on the north, Powers on the east, Austin Bluffs on the southeast and I-25 on the west is one of the largest MLS areas in the city. Construction started in the 1960’s in Garden Ranch near Palmer Park and continued northeast through the area up into the early 2000’s in Wagon Trails and Bridle Pass. Most of the area is now built out, but there are some limited new construction possibilities in the last filings of Austin Estates off Austin Bluffs, in University Park and a few infill lots here and there.

Northeast is everything Colorado Springs. It sits on a slight rise above I-25 and most of the area has Pikes Peak visible from either inside a home or the street. Every retail establishment in the city is either inside Northeast (Academy Blvd), just on the outside (Powers Corridor, North Academy and Woodmen) or pretty close (I-25  & Powers access are both a snap). The city’s oldest wild open space, Palmer Park is on the southwestern boundary, and there are additional, almost secret open spaces accessible in Garden Ranch, Pulpit Rock and University Park. All styles of housing are available, from inexpensive, 40 year-old tri-levels in Vista Grande, condos and townhomes, to newer HOA neighborhoods like Wagon Trails and luxurious homes with big views in University Park.

Almost all of Northeast is served by Colorado Springs School District 11. We would encourage anyone with high school age children to explore individual addresses for admission into local high schools, as the high school boundaries can be confusing and do change occasionally. There are also two private schools of note: Colorado Springs Christian School and Pikes Peak Christian School are both inside Northeast. Destination charter school the Thomas McLaren School which enjoys a classical education /great books focus is on Austin Bluffs Drive. There is also a ribbon of homes between Dublin and Woodmen that are in Academy District 20.

As an on-going service, we can provide almost-instant information on over 8-dozen neighborhoods in the Pikes Peak Region. The neighborhoods we track annually in our Where to Buy Product for Northeast include:

  • Cottonwood Park/Greenbriar
  • Erindale/Pulpit Rock
  • Garden Ranch
  • Sunset Ridge
  • University Park
  • Vista Grande
  • Wagon Trails