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Old Colorado City

Every Memorial Day Weekend, Old Colorado City hosts something called Territory Days, harking back to the time when Old Colorado City processed the valuable golden ore extracted from the mines near Cripple Creek and Colorado wasn’t yet a state, but a territory. There are bits and parts of OCC that have stood the test of time (mostly along Colorado Ave), but this Victorian/retail/small town of it’s own has a hodgepodge that exudes a sort of charm all it’s own. It’s almost-walking distance to downtown, almost-walking distance to Garden of the Gods, and if there is a pervasive term to describe Old Colorado City it is walkable. Colorado Springs is an auto-centric city, and social sites like Walkscore regularly pan our city’s regular reliance on automobiles. The notable exception is OCC. Urgent care, pharmaceutical, a half dozen restaurants, a major grocery store, a farmer’s market and bike lands all influence the lifestyle, and all might be less than a half mile out your door.

If it sounds like the description of Old Colorado City is all over the place, it’s because a bit like Manitou to the west, OCC refuses to be typecast (and by the way, NO one calls it The OCC. So please don’t). There are 1890’s era Victorians, some of them fantastic restored painted ladies, others begging the question how they weren’t claimed in some great block fire in 1900 or managed to stay standing on an improvised stone foundation for better than a century. Sometimes the two are within the same block. Then there are the post-war homes, often constructed by the original owner’s themselves, usually solid ranchers with picture windows, somehow, almost always within a block or two of a school or pocket park. South of Highway 24 are Gold Hill Mesa and Crown Hill Mesa with new construction, and in the case of Gold Hill Mesa, a unique master-planned community with fiber-optic infrastructure. Old Colorado City can be one of the great values in the city, but that is changing. The last couple of years have seen prices rising more rapidly than any other part of town. Flippers and investors are taking note. Add to that the almost-immediate proximity to Red Rock Open Space, Bear Creek Park, Section 16 and Garden of the Gods…it adds up to make Old Colorado City one of the more attractive destinations in town.

Old Colorado City is served by Colorado Springs District 11. Included in this area is Buena Vista Elementary, the only public Montessori in Colorado Springs, and Mountainsong Community School, the only public Waldorf School in Colorado Springs. Due to the west side proximity to Manitou, it is also not unusual for students to optionally enroll in the Manitou School District if there is room in the grade level.

As an on-going service, we can provide almost-instant information on over 8-dozen neighborhoods in the Pikes Peak Region. The neighborhoods we track annually in our Where to Buy Product for Old Colorado City include:

  • Crown Hill Mesa
  • Gold Hill Mesa Single-Family
  • Gold Hill Mesa All-Properties
  • Old Colorado City East
  • Old Colorado City Middle
  • Old Colorado City West
  • Old Colorado City North