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One of the common desires we hear from buyers in describing their next home is a combination of “no older than….” or “I really need turnkey and can’t have a bunch of project.” That probably means that the Powers neighborhood will be a part of our conversation. Powers is generally used to describe everything east of Powers Blvd. This area is a suburban expanse of newer construction that generally rates as one of the most active areas in terms of property turnover. Activity has been so high in the last couple years (over 1100 units closed each of the last three years) it will probably spilt in two in the near future. This is a mobile area, meaning that homes change ownership more frequently in this part of town than just about anywhere in the city. Part of this is the fact that it is quite close to Peterson Air Force Base and Schriever Air Force Base and acceptably close to Fort Carson and the Air Force Academy. It’s bang for the buck affordability and less than 25 minute distance to those four installations makes it a popular military relocation destination. Bordered by Powers Blvd. (hence the name) on the east, Woodmen on the north and Platte on the south, there are several prominent relocation neighborhoods to keep in mind. Working from north to south, they are: Greenhaven, Ridgeview, Indigo Ranch, Chaparral Ridge, Stetson Hills, Springs Ranch, Northcrest and Cimarron Hills.

The number one factor influencing those moving to Powers is familiarity. With the exception of Cimarron Hills homes, most of the homes are usually modern construction with 90% of the area developed after 1994.  Such home construction is modern, meaning higher ceilings, larger windows, more two-story homes, fewer multi-levels, etc. Adding to the familiarity, most every national retailer and restaurant is represented along Powers Blvd. It is also relatively close (20 minutes) to downtown. Power Blvd. is in the process of becoming an east side bypass with overpass intersections planned for all the major traffic lights. So far, this process has only taken shape north of Woodmen Road, but it will eventually punch through at Exit 155 on the north and exit 128 on the south of I-25.

Almost all of Powers is served by Falcon District 49 schools. Like the homes, most of the schools are less than 20 years old with some of the newest schools in the city. The furthest southern stretch around Cimarron Hills is served by Colorado Springs District 11.

As an on-going service, we can provide almost-instant information on over 8-dozen neighborhoods in the Pikes Peak Region. The neighborhoods we track annually in our Where to Buy Product for Powers includes:


  • Indigo Ranch
  • Ridgeview
  • North Springs Ranch
  • South Springs Ranch
  • Stetson Hills