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Easily accessed and readily affordable, Southeast Colorado Springs usually offers buyers the most affordable properties in the Pikes Peak Region. Homes represent smaller-than average square footage for the region in terms of size, usually from 1000 to 2500 square feet, but an average sales price that is $50,000 to $100,000 less than the MLS-wide average. Lots also tend to be slightly larger than average, with the newer homes (less than 15 years old) in the low $200,000’s usually having around 7000 square foot lots.

There are several neighborhoods comprising the area: Eastborough, Southborough, Pikes Peak Park, Valley Hi, Sand Creek, and Soaring Eagles are some of the more prominent. The first three are some of the largest neighborhood in the city and showcase homes built in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. Valley Hi is one of the city’s municipal golf courses and has some country club style homes on large lots. Sand Creek, Soaring Eagles and Barnstormer Landing represent successive waves of new development into the area from local builders. The most affordable, modern construction homes in neighborhoods with covenants and privacy fenced yards are found right here.

Many smaller retail areas exist throughout 80910 and 80916; notable among them are the majority of the city’s ethnic grocery stores and markets, including one of our favorites, Seoul Market. Skyview Sports Complex, one of the largest sports and recreation facilities in the city is found just outside Soaring Eagles alongside southern Powers Blvd. Southeast Colorado Springs is just to the west of the airport and Peterson Air Force Base, and is just north and east of Fort Carson. The area is served by both Colorado Springs District 11 along the northwest corner, and the remainder by Harrison District 2. One of our favorite bike shops is also found here at Colorado Cyclist (Santa Cruz or DeVinci anyone?).

As an on-going service, we can provide almost-instant information on over 8-dozen neighborhoods in the Pikes Peak Region. The neighborhoods we track annually in our Where to Buy Product for Southeast includes:

  • Eastborough & Southborough
  • Park Hill
  • Pikes Peak Park
  • Soaring Eagles