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Banker, brewers, bikers and brigades along with a huge herd of mule deer, three golf courses, a State Park… good luck fitting Southwest (S/W) Colorado Springs in a box. Affordable housing near The Mountain Post to zeitgeist architectural masterpieces are all situated at the base of Cheyenne Mountain in a foothill setting. Here you will find affordable housing and some newer construction just north of  Fort Carson, and older, established neighborhoods around Quail Lake, both in Harrison School District 2. Just to the southwest of downtown is Skyway, which weaves up the foothills alongside Bear Creek Park. Rapid up and comer Ivywild and the Ivywild School are just south of Downtown. Deeper into the area is the established elegance of the Broadmoor Hotel and the surrounding neighborhoods include some of the most prestigious real estate in Southern Colorado. On the south end is Cheyenne Mountain, with Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base (NORAD) at the end of the Broadmoor Bluffs/Spires/Star Ranch neighborhoods.

The dominant landmarks of S/W are Fort Carson, The Broadmoor Hotel, and Cheyenne Mountain itself; one a symbol of American might, another opulence, the third, sheer majesty as the granite, tree-topped sentinel juts straight up out of the prairie. There’s also our cherished quasi-alpine zoo, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, where it’s only natural to see giraffes and elephants on a 45 degree pitch (and yet the zoo pulls it off tremendously well). Perhaps the great paradox of the area is that none of these landmarks really register on the day-to-day itinerary of locals because there are so many dearly-held little options that “only the locals” frequent: Stratton Open Space is a great little mountain bike loop; Bear Creek Park is a 1200 acre open space behemoth, truly the jewel in the crown of El Paso County Parks; Spencer’s Lawn and Garden is where you go to get a box of Palisade Peaches or a Colorado Bristlecone Christmas Tree. Ivywild is at the dawn of a massive redevelopment anchored around the old elementary school building. In Ivywild you will find Bristol Brewing Company, Prime 25, The Millibo Art Theater (MAT) and by late 2020, new hotels, a host of stores and new restaurants and a creekside river walk. Got a hankering for beer in a coozie with Vegan Noms? The Burrowing Owl is a one-of-a-kind Vegan Lounge at the mouth of Cheyenne Canyon. Are your kids soon-to-be-parkour youtube sensations? That’s here, too. There are some larger neighborhoods in Southwest, but often their names are more prominent than their actual size. Some of the most affordable housing in the city can be found in this area; and without a doubt, the most expensive housing in the city is also in this area. But one thing does tie it together: it’s quite pretty. With the rampart of Cheyenne Mountain anchoring the western horizon, this area of rolling hills and varied terrain can actually claim the cliche… “something for everyone”.

Southwest is served by three different school districts. On the northwest side, west of La Clede, as well as the south and west of Nevada is Cheyenne-Mountain District 12. On the northeast side, it feeds into the southern portion of Colorado Springs District 11. South of Cheyenne Mountain and east of Nevada it feeds into Harrison School District 2.

As an on-going service, we can provide almost-instant information on over 8-dozen neighborhoods in the Pikes Peak Region. The neighborhoods we track annually in our Where to Buy Product for Southwest includes:

  • Broadmoor Bluffs
  • Broadmoor
  • Broadmoor Resort Community
  • Cheyenne Canon
  • Cheyenne Meadows
  • Ivywild
  • Quail Lake
  • Skyway
  • Stratmoor
  • Stratton Forest & Stratton Preserve