West-siders take pride in the always scarce supply of houses available for purchase. The west side is actually sparsely populated (because all those staggering vistas are actually crumbly soils and are better suited for trails than houses), but it does have several famous destination neighborhoods. Unique pockets are everywhere from Holland Park to The Mesa to Pleasant Valley to Kissing Camels. The area is very near downtown as well as Garden of the Gods. Prices range from $150,000 to over $2 million.

While some of the best views in the city are found in 80904 and 80907, the reality is that life in this area is life in the foothills. When locals talk about biking, the tires are often knobby. Going for a walk is a hike anywhere else. West siders enjoy the interwoven trail network, and it means even children can safely ride their bikes through a lot of the area. That being the case, 30th is a road bike destination, and no, there really isn’t any shoulder there for the $5000 aluminum rockets that enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year. Historic Rock Ledge Ranch is a local destination that offers a step back in time. Families enjoy sheep sheering, soap making, pumpkin picking and other farm-life activities all in the shadow of Garden of the Gods (it’s right next door). Last but not least, there are the bighorns that hang out between Queen’s Canyon and 30th near Glen Eyrie. Nothing quite like having the state mammal as a wild neighbor.

As an on-going service, we can provide almost-instant information on over 8-dozen neighborhoods in the Pikes Peak Region. The neighborhoods we track annually in our Where to Buy Product for WEST includes:

  • Chelsea Glen
  • Holland Park
  • Kissing Camels
  • Pleasant Valley

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